About Us

Unfortunately, many men today are missing out on the benefits of having a regular barber. As the barbershop tradition has faded, modern men just end up going to the closest unisex salon to get their hair cut.

Our founders have trained in the field for years and have spent countless hours understanding what men look for in their barber, to bring you a unique men’s barbershop – one where your barber understands how to give you the look of class, style, and sophistication – all with a laid back, relaxed lounge experience.

Our barbers are trained professionals who are schooled both in the time-honored traditions of barbering and the latest trends in contemporary styling. Unlike many of today’s salons and grooming establishments who try to be everything to everyone, our menu of services is refined in its simplicity, focusing on what we do best – hot lather shaves and the finest in men’s haircuts, accompanied by a shampoo, straight-edge neck shave and a shoulder and neck massage.

We cut all types of straight hair styles, which include but is not limited to, spikes, a buzz, regular cuts, taper (fade) cuts, and/or flat tops. The customers range from a one-month old infant in for their first cut, to the unemployed, to the working man, to various business executives, to members of the local law enforcement agencies.

Men’s Lounge Barbershop provides a relaxing men’s classic barbershop atmosphere, focused on the lifestyle of today’s man. Everyone is welcome at Men’s Lounge Barbershop where you will be treated the same regardless of your wealth and/or community status. Come on by and get the lounge treatment. You’ll never look for another barbershop again.